Let me introduce myself to you which may help you to decide if I am the Life Coach that you wish to work with.

I am a qualified Executive Trainer & Life Coaching Consultant. My biggest passion in life has always been to encourage, motivate and assist people to become the best they possibly can be on whatever path or situation they find themselves facing, so hence my decision to become a Life Coach. I have taken many leaps of faith throughout my own personal life and career and I honestly know how difficult big decisions and choices can be when they present themselves to us. I have been a Toastmaster for many years, writing and delivering speeches on various topics from Educational, Motivational, Award Acceptance, Wedding Speeches, Humorous and Story Telling. I now enjoy mentoring others to have the confidence to face their audience to achieve the same success.

As a person I am an excellent listener with a calm, caring and warm personality with a positive attitude and good sense of humour. My belief is that people are naturally creative and powerful and whatever realistic goal or challenge they wish to pursue they can successfully achieve. I am confidential and fully committed to all my clients and I take pride in assisting them follow their dreams. I can assure all my clients that the coaching environment is a safe and non-judgmental place where the client holds the agenda at all times.

In my career I faced and embraced challenge. After working in a University for 20 years I went back to study which led me to change my career. This new path brought me to IBM for a further 15 years. There I was an Education Facilitator/Trainer for several years then moving on to manage Software & Finance teams. So yes I have many years of experience leading and motivating teams to great success. I know what it is like to feel the fear and do it anyway and turn the big decisions into even bigger success stories. This is what has led me once again to follow my own passion in life, which is helping others to believe in themselves and in doing so achieve great things.

How I Became A Life Coach

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